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2017 has been all about training Trainers. By June of 2017 we had trained approximately 30 Trainers from 10 different countries. The trainers are now able to go back into their communities and train other professionals, teachers, therapists and parents in our Horse Boy and Movement Method courses. 

This meant that by half way through the year many new Horse Boy and Movement Method programs had sprung up in especially in the Netherlands. New regions and been opened for training including Hawaii, Colombia and South Africa. More trainings had been held as part of university programs in the UK and private and public school teacher in large school districts in both the UK had been trained. 

Expanding Kinetic Learning Into Schools


In addition by June 2017 we received a grant from the Rainwater Foundation to adapt the full math and science middle school curriculum kinetically for use in the classroom with pilot projects set to begin in their delivery in 2018.