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WorkingStudents 5 tn 57

New Trails Center - Elgin, TX

We have a limited amount of Working Student and Internship positions available at New Trails in Elgin, TX. Working students learn not just our equine therapy and our kinetic learning techniques but also neuro-science, horsemanship and a fair amount of dressage and jumping if they are horse oriented. You don't have to be a horse person to be a working student with us - you can come and just concentrate on Movement Method and neuro-science, but whatever your preference for the learning you will be working long hours looking after animals and doing farm chores. Bear in mind that summers in Texas are hot - some people love this and some people hate this - and that winters, though mild, can sometimes be surprisingly cold so you need to be the kind of person who enjoys the outdoors, no matter what, because it's a very active physically demanding life on our ranch. The upside: you will get fit here and it's a lot of fun with some very cool people. 

Please find details on our working student program here

Other Locations for Working Students

To find Independent Practitioners and Mentors in your area that offering Horse Boy Method or Movement Method please click here. Please be aware that to do an official Horse Boy working student program all organization and planning needs to go through us directly. So even if you find another place on the map, please fill out the working student application on this page and email back to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..