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Horse Boy Foundation is excited to be able to offer a limited number of grants per year to active Horse Boy Method Practitioners and Movement Method Mentors. Grants will only be considered if the applicant is at least an active 3 Star Practitioner or 1 Star Mentor who is up-to-date on continuous education and in good standing with Horse Boy. In addition grant applications will only be accepted from Practitioner and Mentors who have either visited Horse Boy Headquarters in Elgin, TX or had an evaluation from a qualified Horse Boy Team Member at their own facility. 
The grant application process is simple. Please click on the link below and answer the questions as honestly and fully as possible. Once we have received your application we will review it and contact you for any further information that we might need. 
If you are approved for a grant you will be notified in writing. Please note grant applications can take up to three months to be approved. If you are approved for a grant you will be asked to submit a follow-up report which you will be provided with in your approval letter. We may also send a qualified Horse Boy Team Member to do a follow up site visit. 
Please also note that we are only able to accept matching grant applications for operating costs. What this means is that we will match any amount that you raise up to a specified threshold. At this time we are unfortunately unable to offer and other type of grant for operating costs.
If you have any questions or are unsure whether you might qualify for a grant please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..